Micro-structructure study of steel SAE 1045 tempered in pickle and quenching

por: Gabriel Duarte de Moraes Trindade, Ayrton Brandim

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Ano: 2019

Instituições de ensino: Instituto Federal de Ciência, Educação e Tecnologia do Piauí, Instituto Federal de Ciência, Educação e Tecnologia do Piauí

Idioma: Ingles



As the quenching in metals consists in cooling the steel after heating to the critical temperature at a rapid rate and tempering the heat treatment which usually accompanies quenching as it relieves the residual stresses thereby correcting excessive hardness and with this the possible fragility of the material in question. For the following study, SAE 1045 steel billet was purchased. Two of these were tempered at 900 º Celsius and cooled in brine. Afterwards, they were tempered at 250 º C. First, the images were made in the optical microscope, then microhardness test (Vickers), using 5 loads (0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 kgf), the hardness test was carried out in Rockwell C. With these tests the modifications in the mechanical properties performed by the treatments in question were proved, besides, to emphasize their consequences for the material analyzed

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