Variation effect of parameters related to the closed-loop control of the EDM-machine on the hydraulic flow and microhole diameters of injection nozzles constructed with steel 18CrNi8

por: Alexandre de Souza

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The main paper's objective is to present experimental results that basically consist in verifying the influence of the controlled variation of parameters of the closed-loop system of an EDM-machine on the work result of the machining process: hydraulic flow and diameter dimension of microholes machined in injection nozzles DSLA constructed with steel 18CrNi8 in cemented condition of heat treatment. These experiments are performed using a tool-machine of the manufacturer AGIE Charmilles, applying tool-electrode of tungsten with diameters of 0,085 mm, where in this case small holes (with diameters smaller as 0,14 mm) have been machined in the above mentioned nozzles through the electrical discharge machining, with use of a specific adjustment of two principal parameters of closed-loop control system of the machine (Gain and Com - velocity of the “repositioning movement” of the tool-electrode and distance between electrodes in the “frontal working gap”, respectively) under utilization of deionized water with extremely low electrical conductivity as dielectric medium of the EDM-process. The experimental results indicate that these EDM-parameters differently affect the work result, that is, hole diameter and hydraulic flow of the injection nozzle, according to a pre-defined machining depth of the tool-electrode in the microhole being machined.

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