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Digital part materialization is an additive manufacturing process, otherwise known as three-dimensional printing, or 3DP, which materializes an object—or mold for an object—layer by layer out of powdered material, a chemical binder and a digital file.

ExOne offers this revolutionary process through equipment sales and contract services via global Production Service Centers, meeting the customer anywhere on the continuum of needs, and providing virtually unlimited design flexibility and significant time savings over traditional manufacturing methods.

Currently available materials:
Sand: (foundry-grade)
Metal: 420 and 316 Stainless Steel/Bronze, Tool Steel, Bronze (other materials available - please inquire)
Glass: (recycled, opaque)

Digital Part Materialization allows for:
Complex internal geometries
Angled passages
Multi-piece assemblies
Patternless sand casting
Less waste/environmental impact


Ramo de atividade: Indústria

Porte: 100 a 500 funcionários

Principal Setor de Atuação:
Máquinas e Equipamentos

  • Serviços (industriais) → serviços específicos diversos
  • Serviços (industriais) → projetos consultoria
  • Máquinas e equipamentos industriais → para processos de fundição

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