121 Heuristics for Solving Problems

por Marco Aurélio de Carvalho

Orientadores: Wei, T. C., Savransky, S. D.

Editora: Lulu.com

Páginas: 348

Ano: 2004

Idioma: Ingles

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Creative solutions are easily recognizable, after they have been created. But how to attain them? This book is about a promising approach to creative problem solving - the use of heuristics. The main purpose of an heuristic is to make problem solving more efficient, by making past experience - which could guide the generation of new solutions - promptly available. The heuristic approach is widely used in TRIZ (the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), which is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Successful results of using heuristics have been reported by companies such as ABB, Bosch, General Motors, Ford, Mitsubishi, Philips, Siemens, among others. With this book, the reader will be able to: - Understand the 121 Heuristics for problem solving, both from their descriptions and from selected examples; - Find the more promising Heuristic(s) for the solution of his/her problems; - Apply the heuristics and find creative solutions to his/her problems.

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