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De: 14/06/2016

Até: 15/06/2016


São Paulo / SP

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Since the acquisition of SupplySide by Informa plc in 2014, our global team has looked at the strategic opportunities this opens to bring the SupplySide and Vitafoods brands together synergistically to benefit the global market. In the South American market, this is further accelerated by the affiliation with Fispal Tecnologia, another Informa event.

In 2016, we will optimize our position in the region by presenting SupplySide at Fispal Tecnologia, aligning the strength of Vitafoods South America in the nutraceutical market with Fispal’s leadership position and the global strength of the SupplySide brand. In discussions with visitors to Fispal, we have learned upwards of 15 percent of the +50,000+ attendees are seeking more nutritional ingredients, as well as the market intelligence and scientific research that supports their integration into product development.

Vitafoods South America has levered its expertise around the nutraceutical niche, and developed strong relationships in the area. There is already a great deal of attendee overlap between Vitafoods South America and Fispal Tecnologia, with more than half of visitors to Vitafoods South America also attending Fispal. It is a natural move for SupplySide at Fispal Tecnologia to extend the platform for attendees at Fispal to see the opportunities around the supplement sector, while enjoying a broader view of ingredient suppliers for dietary supplements, vitamins, functional foods and beverages, and animal feed ingredients.




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